Saturday, November 13, 2010

Yellowstone scenes

All these pictures are from Yellowstone National Park. It is a beautiful park and is also very big. I believe that I read somewhere that it is bigger than Rhode Island and Delaware combined.
I can't believe how stupid uninformed people are.  Look at these two people walking out to take a picture of the elk.
 More elk in Yellowstone.


Carletta said...

Hi Neal,
Wide open spaces of expanse areas of land - I love it!
Wow, what a waterfall!

I'm still away but wanted to come by and say hi. :)

George said...

I wonder if the people in your first photo are related to the woman we saw in Cataloochee?
These are beautiful pictures from Yellowstone. Since the park is so big I hope you'll show some more. Thanks for the beautiful waterfall.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Neal, Wonderful pictures of Yellowstone... That last one took my breath away--as you can imagine... AWESOME.

Ginny said...

Bigger than two states? Yikes!! I bet Betsy is positively swooning over that enormous waterfall! I hope you see this, I'm very late commenting as I've been out of town,and now it's almost midnight now.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, so very gorgeous! I love that place & have to plan another trip back there soon! I can't believe people's actions either... disturbing, isn't it!!!