Friday, November 12, 2010

More 2007 vacation pictures

All these pictures were taken from the same general area in Montana. As you can see in the first two pictures the road was really winding but it was really beautiful. The bridge picture was over a deep canyon but I could not get a good perspective to show the canyon so I didn't even take a picture.


George said...

These are beautiful landscapes. The canyons in Montana may be deeper than ours in Tennessee, but I think we have some roads which are just as winding!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Beautiful state, Neal... Glad you all got there... I hope that we can explore some of those states sometime.

Great pictures.... Like the bridge one the best.

Ginny said...

Oh that bridge!! Do many people drive over it? Did you? I'd be too chicken probably!

Rose said...

Neal, I am trying to catch up on your blog but not commenting on all. I sure would like to have a few years just to ramble around some of the places you have shown.