Sunday, November 14, 2010

Going to the lower falls

This picture shows your challenge to get to the bottom of the lower falls.

Don't these steps look inviting Betsy? :) It's a long ways down but worth the trip (at least it was when I was a few years younger:)) My wife and daughter stopped to pose for me (at least that was their excuse. :))

The falls are gorgeous and you can just imagine the power of the falls.
This is a view of the canyon downstream from the falls.
This isn't a great picture but thought I'd show it because of the rainbows.

Okay Betsy...even if you can't walk the steps with your bad knees don't give up hope because you can get a good view from on down the ways.  It is absolutely gorgeous and I can't begin to capture the beauty.
I know the waterfall looks like it's falling to the left but it's the angle from where the picture was taken.  I thought the picture was crooked but if you straighten the falls then the trees are crooked.


George said...

Thanks for saving us the trouble of coming back up all those steps to see this marvelous waterfall. If we ever get out there I sure would be tempted to try to get down those steps and back.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Awe Heck..... I would try it!!!!!! Going down may not be a problem for this ole woman, but I'll take the elevator back up, thank you!!!!!

WOW--what beauty... I want to go there and see it ALL.... NOW!!!!!!!!!

The Crip!!!!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Gorgeous scenes of the power of nature at work.

Ginny said...

Powerful pictures!! The trip looks well worth it, though the sign is scary! LOVE the beautiful rainbows! And yes, Betsy will do it in a minute! Perhaps we could rent a chopper to take her back up!

Anonymous said...

YELLOWSTONE!!! I've been there & we walked down the steps a little ways, but my g'ma & g'pa couldn't go all the way, so we went back up! That truly IS a beautiful place!!!

Rose said...

The trip down wouldn't worry me as much as the trip up! Spectacular scenes.