Thursday, September 2, 2010

British Columbia

All the pictures below are after we passed through Pemberton, BC. Sea-To-Sky Highway turns into Duffey Lake Road after Pemberton and several of the pictures are of Duffey Lake. It was a very beautiful lake as you can see from the photos. The other pictures are just places where we pulled over to look. The waterfall was along the road...I don't believe it even had a name.
Anderson Lake


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I so want to pack my bags and head to British Columbia.These pictures are gorgeous and should be in a book.
Ruth ☺

George said...

These are beautiful pictures. I couldn't pick a favorite if I had to, but I do think we're going to have to add British Columbia to our Alaska trip.

Rose said...

Oh, my, I surely do love these!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Gorgeous pictures, Neal. I have a blog friend who lives there ---and you can imagine just how beautiful her pictures are!!! I want to go there also sometime!!!!