Friday, September 3, 2010

British Columbia

I think you can see this is a beautiful drive. After you leave Vancouver and get farther north and east there's not a lot of traffic so it is a very relaxing drive with lots of beautiful scenery. There was quite a bit of road construction going on but we were never delayed for a long time. Apparently BC has very wet areas and other areas that are very dry. As you can see from looking at the pictures some of them are from the dry area.

As a side note....I've never seen as many freight trains as we saw up there. We were constantly seeing a train hauling freight. We drove along a river (Thompson I believe but I could be wrong) for a long ways and there was a track on each side. From what I observed one track was for going one direction and the other track was used to go the other direction. That almost has to be true because we would see huge trains 30 minutes apart going the same direction.
Waterfall along the way
Seton Lake I believe
Pullover along the road
Another waterfall
Looking back at the road which we have just traveled.
Another waterfall.
Just thought this was kind of pretty with all the clouds.
Not a waterfall but water coming down the mountain.


Carletta said...

The images are beautiful Neal!
I'm looking at that long road and it appears pretty desolate and middle of nowhere.
Were you assured the rental car would be fine. :)

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

With all these beautiful pictures,you could make a travel guide for BC.I know they are tempting to me,making me want to see this area in person.

George said...

All of these photos are absolutely beautiful. Thanks so much for taking us along with you on your ride.

Rose said...

I like all of these, of course, but I love the one looking back at the road you just traveled.