Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 2

The second day in AK we went to Portage Glacier just south of Anchorage. This was the 4th time to AK for us and it was raining like the other 3 times when we were at Portage Glacier. :)

A waterfall along the Seward Highway. Since it was early in the year there was a lot of snow melt running off so waterfalls like this were pretty commom.

Another shot along the Seward Highway

Now this is a snowblower....that would move a lot of snow. :)


Rose said...

Can't you just see aiming that blower towards someone house you don't like and covering their place with snow???

George said...

Are you suggesting that a rain cloud follows you to the glacier? I really like the waterfall, but I hope I'm never in a place where that snow blower is needed.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Neal---Gosh, I almost missed this post. If George hadn't have mentioned it, I wouldn't have seen it... Glad I didn't miss it.

I love that particular peninsula where you were.. Even with rain, the Portage Glacier would be beautiful to see. And you know us---we LOVE those waterfalls.

Goodness Neal---you could put that snowblower in your yard ---and get it all done in a flash... Of course, that thing looks like it would blog your house and trees away also!!!! ha ha

Have a wonderful 4th weekend.