Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 1

Dandelions galore

Anchorage from a beach nearby

We didn't get into Anchorage early enough on the first day to do much sightseeing. Besides that I was tired and just wanted to get something to eat and then rest some. As usual the airlines always make a trip stressful. We made the reservations back in January (Continental Airlines) but they wouldn't let us get seat assignments then and told us to wait closer to the day of the flight. My wife called about a month before and again they told her to wait until about a week before the flight. She called about a week before the flight and they told her to wait until 24 hour before the flight. She called 24 hours before the flight and they told her there were only 2 seats left and they were in the exit row and we would have to pay additional money for them so the lady said just to wait until we got to the airport. We got to the airport real early (luckily) and when we got there, there was only one seat left. I was mad by now so I told the guy "You're going to find us some seats somewhere because we've had the reservations since January". He put us on a Delta flight from Indy to Minneapolis and Minneapolis to Anchorage. We had to immediately go to the Delta gate (luckily it was close) and we were able to walk right on. We got to Minneapolis and immediately they announced that they had to change planes and that everyone's seat assignment had changed (we hadn't gotten seat assignments for that flight yet). They also said it was a smaller plane and my first thought was that we wouldn't get a seat. However, I think we ended up getting the last two seats and they happened to be in the exit row so I had lots of legroom. We were surprised when our luggage showed up in Anchorage because I figured they wouldn't get it moved from one plane to the next. It worked out better for us because we were suppose to fly from Indy to Houston to Anchorage and we would have gotten there 3-4 hours later than we did. However, it was still stressful. There needs to be regulations put on the airlines to keep them from making 110 reservations for a plane that has only 100 seats.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Holy Cow, That is terrible.... George and I hate to fly ANYWHERE---but if we go to Alaska next year, we'll have to fly... Yipes!!!!!

I hear stories like yours all of the time when it comes to the airlines... It's terrible...

Glad you got it all worked out though --and actually got a better flight when it was all said and done.

Beautiful pictures.... Keep 'em coming!!!

George said...

We really do try to avoid flying whenever possible. I can understand why you were stressed-out after that ordeal. But I'm glad you made it and I look forward to more pictures from your trip.

Rose said...

You never did tell me how many pictures you took...I forgot to ask last night..I hope we see a lot more of them

I don't even like to think of flying when I hear you talk about stuff like this.