Monday, July 5, 2010

More day 1

As you can see from the pictures the weather wasn't the greatest. The only place it was raining was Portage Glacier but in other places the wind was blowing and it was actually kind of chilly. In the bottom picture you can see a railroad. If I'm not mistaken the train that runs on that track runs from Fairbanks to Seward. I know it follows the Seward Highway (where these pictures were taken) for a long ways after you leave Anchorage. It is between the highway and the ocean for a long ways then it switches over to the other side where the highway is between the railroad and the ocean.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Excellent pictures, Neal... For some reason, that first one really jumped out at me... Gorgeous!

George said...

The weather may not have been the greatest, but I think your pictures are just wonderful. They do a great job of showing the Alaska of our imaginations.

Rose said...

Beautiful places, Neal.

Carletta said...

So, you went to Alaska AGAIN and didn't invite me along? LOL!
I've caught up on all your photos -gorgeous even in other than perfect weather.