Saturday, March 20, 2010

Beach in Charleston

As you can see the beach in Charleston was pretty the afternoon we were there. There were thousands of the little shells and I thought they were pretty when piled up together so I took a couple shots of them. There weren't very many large shells along this section so we went another day (in the rain) to collect shells. My daughter brought back quiet a few of them.


George said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the beaches in Charleston. I really like the light in your first picture. I've never been to the beach down there, but if they are anything like the beaches further up the coast, they are really nice.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Like George--I like the first one... The lighting is fabulous. It looked like a calm day to be on the beach. I always collect shells too when we go to Ocean Isle, NC in May.

Have a great Sunday.

Rose said...

Lorelie would have love them!

Rose said...

that first shot is awesome when enlarged

Carletta said...

A walk on the beach - I so wish!
I'm looking at all those tiny treasures. I would have had to fill a jelly jar full.
Love the first shot!

Anil P said...

So many shells around.

Such a peaceful beach, the evenings must be a pleasure walking down the beach, all to oneself.