Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fort Sumter

Boat we took from Charleston out to Fort Sumter

Fort Sumter as we approach

We have arrived

Looking back at Charleston from Fort Sumter

It was really sad to think about all the people that lost their life at this place. I often wonder why we just can't get along so we don't need a military.


Carletta said...

I don't know why that lesson is so hard for us to learn Neal. It would be easier to understand war and fighting if what we were fighting was REAllY worth fighting for. For so many years I think it's just been useless wars.
Getting off my soapbox now. :)

Oh,I was a really young girl in 1967. ;)

dot said...

You are right Neal but I guess power and greed take over. Enjoyed the pictures.

George said...

Wouldn't a world without war be wonderful? I've visited Fort Sumter, but we got the boat from Patriot's Point across the river from Charleston.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

As I told you, we saw Fort Sumpter from Charleston and from Patriot's Point--but we didn't take the boat to the fort.

I'd love to have peace in the world too--but just look at our country alone.. There's greed, selfishness, corruptness, dishonesty, etc. etc. etc.... IF WE act like this --although we are the 'land of the free', I can only imagine how other countries (that have no freedom) feel. Human life is not important to so many.... It's really such a shame!

Have a great day.