Saturday, March 23, 2013

Maroon Bells

All of these pictures were taken on a hike we took at Maroon Bells in Colorado.  If you've never been there you are missing a beautiful place.  I was there one time in the fall when the aspens were yellow and it had snowed was gorgeous.
 Here's a columbine...Colorado's state flower.  I love them...we have several around our house.

 The head of the lake with the Colorado mountains in the background.

 Hopefully someone can tell me what this is. I think it is beautiful.

 Almost at the head of the lake.

 Look at all the aspens.  I think they are pretty when in a big group like this.

 At the head of the lake looking back towards where we started.

 A stream along the peaceful.

 Again I don't recall what this is...I know Patti has told me but I can't remember. :)

Have left the lake and are upstream from it in this picture. I can remember standing taking this picture and thinking how peaceful it was here with the sound of the stream in the background.


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

This looks like a gorgeous place and I can feel that peacefulness,even in the pictures.

Betsy Adams said...

That is definitely one place on our LIST... Hope we get there --and maybe in Fall....

Gorgeous photos. I can't help you with the wildflowers AT ALL. Sorry!

Ginny said...

All those Aspens are wonderful! And I love the first picture of the mountain. Really, all the mountain pictures are wonderful, but that one is my favorite. Now about the Maroon Bells...they are white, so why the name?

Linda said...

What an amazing place! Beautiful photos, Neal.

George said...

These photos are absolutely beautiful. We are definitely going to have to get to Maroon Bells the next time we go to Colorado. Your second photo could definitely be used in a 'Visit Colorado' ad.

Rose said...

Ia that red flower Indian Paintbrush?

I think the white one is Mariposa Lily....

All are beautiful shots, but that white flower is just gorgeous when you really look at it.

Carletta said...

Absolutely beautiful!
I don't see any hint of a hiking trail.
Just looking at the photos is peaceful.
Looks like Sasquatch territory too. :)
I think Rose is correct on both flowers. The lily for sure and I think the paintbrush too.

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diane b said...

It sure is a beautiful place. Thanks for taking me along this scenic trip. I love the wild flowers too but the lake and the mountains are stunning.