Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Flowers on Grand Mesa

Even though today is the first day of spring it sure doesn't seem like it.  It was around 25 degrees when we got up this morning.  Since it doesn't seem like spring I thought I'd put up some pictures of flowers to remind myself that spring weather will eventually arrive.  All of these pictures were taken on the Grand Mesa near Grand Junction, CO.


George said...

Thanks for sharing these beautiful wildflowers with us. They certainly made me feel warmer, although it sounds as if winter is coming back for a few days.

Ginny said...

A beautiful vision. Too bad I am too old to just roll in it!!

Betsy Adams said...

Did seeing all of the wildflowers make you feel more like it was spring????? Bet not--even though they are gorgeous...

Doesn't feel much like spring here today either...


Carletta said...

I wish I had that in my backyard!
Lovely shots Neal!
Spring is coming just not as quickly as we all want. Windchills tonight are in the single digits here.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

There is such a special beauty about a field of wildflowers.

Rose said...

I wish i was walking through those fields of wildflowers!

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