Thursday, November 1, 2012

Old home place

 Of course while in TN I had to walk up to my old home place where I lived until I was 12.  The picture above was along the railroad as I walked.

 Of course you've probably seen this barn before because both Rose and I have shown it before. It gets in worse shape all the time....what a pity.  It is located on the place just before you get to the old home place.

 Both the picture above and all the pictures below were taken at our old home place.  I am always amazed how much all the stuff has grown and filled it.  What used to be a field in now a forest.


diane b said...

In a way it is good how the forrest can regenerate itself. The autumn colours are great. Is the old home no longer standing?

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Oh the memories that must be flooding your mind as you wander around this area. It is a beautiful place.

Rose said...

Oh, so beautiful!

George said...

Thanks for sharing these photos of your old home place. The pictures are as beautiful as the memories you enjoyed.

Betsy Adams said...

So beautiful Neal.... I was looking for the chimney though.... Hope I get to see it someday!!!

Did you see any snakes???? Yipes.