Tuesday, October 30, 2012


These pictures are from the cemetery where my mom and dad are buried.  My older brother and I used to do a lot of work for the people that owned the farm that joins the cemetery so all of us kids were free to roam the farm as we please.  Rose and I both still like to go back to this area and look around even though I don't think Rose made it up there the last time she was down there.  There's a pear tree near the barn shown in one of the pictures so while I was down my brother and I went and got us of of the pears to eat.  It was still as good as I remember it being as a kid.


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Gorgeous scenes. The colour is really lovely.

Betsy Adams said...

What a beautiful resting place... Some of my Banks relatives are buried on top of a hill in Lee County... When we were there, I thanked God for the beauty of that area... Same is true of your area... Gorgeous.

Bet that pear was good!!!!

Rose said...

Oh, Neal....it must have been a colorful world when you were down.

George said...

This is a beautiful place -- no wonder it holds special memories for you. I'm glad the pears were as good as you remember.

Carletta said...

You certainly went for a visit at the right time - the color on those trees is gorgeous! Gorgeous land too.
A lovely resting place.

EG CameraGirl said...

How nice the area has stayed as nice as you remember. I've seen a LOT of blog posts lately that have talked about how sad their childhood neighbourhoods now look to them - usually now subdivisions.