Thursday, June 14, 2012

Outer Banks

Our first stop on the Outer Banks was Kitty Hawk.  It was interesting to look around and read about the Wright Brothers.  There was a museum there that we explored that told a lot of history.

This is just a shot of the beach along the way.

Another beach shot.

Allison standing in the water.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Awesome, Neal.... Makes me want to go back to the beach NOW. We've never been to the Outer Banks nor have we seen Kitty Hawk... One day, we'll get there.

I'll be thinking about you all this weekend. Good Luck to Allison.

Ginny said...

Phil would love to go here. Great pictures! We just saw a replica of the plane, but not the real one.

Carletta said...

One of my favorite places of all times is the Outer Banks. Living in Virginia so close it was a regular destination.
It's changed a lot since I first saw it. Kitty Hawk was hardly anything the first time I was there. Inspiring though.
Looks like you went on down the beach for some deserted sand - also my favorite.
Lovely shots Neal!

Rose said...

That one with Allison...I like it.