Monday, June 18, 2012

Outer Banks III

Went to see the house above on the Outer Banks.  It's it a beauty?

Another shot.

Also run upon an old schoolhouse in the picture above.

Here's Mr. frog puffing up.  This was on a nature trail that we took

Actually got to see a wild horse.  To really see them you had to drive out on the beach where there was a lot of loose sand and I just wasn't ready to take that chance because driving in loose sand can be tricky.  It's too easy to end up sitting on the frame of your vehicle and you can't move.


Ginny said...

What an impressive house, whose is it, do they do tours? LOVE the tiny frog!!

Carletta said...

It used to be the wild ponies could be seen right in town.
Lovely shots with the water and grass.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

That's quite the house.

Rose said...

That, would love to see inside it! Love the horse, of course. Even though he isn't Mr. Ed.

George said...

I didn't realize there were mansions on the Outer Banks. I'm glad you got to see at least one wild horse. That's a neat school house you found.