Monday, August 22, 2011

Rocky Mountian National Park

Before I go to far I would like for you to see a short video. This was taken at our reunion. They had a ropes course and of course Allison had to do it. One of the things they could do is climb a telephone pole (it had steps so it wasn't hard to climb) and do the following.

George and Betsy will probably remember the following scenes in Rocky Mountain National Park. The video is of Horseshoe Park...Alluvial Fan. You can read a short summary about it here.  The other pictures were taken on the way to the top.  The weather was not very good the first time up.  We ran into some rain but  still managed to get some pictures although not very good ones.


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Brave girl in that first video.I love the mountain scenery.

George said...

Where's the video of you on that rope course? (I wouldn't do it either!). Thanks for the memories of Rocky Mountain. I recognized those scenes, but there was more snow when we were there.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Neal, So did you try the ropes course? I would never do that!!! Allison is awesome!

Great RMNP photos. We definitely enjoyed seeing Horseshoe Falls --and even had a picture of it from up on the mountain. I'll have to post that soon..

Carletta said...

Allison is an adventureous young woman! Kudos to her!
Love the sound of the water!

Rose said...

Yeah, Allison! Did she stop at one time???