Saturday, April 2, 2011

Natchez Trace Parkway -- VIII

 This was the normal scene driving down the parkway.  Hardly any traffic and it was green and beautiful.  It was such a relaxing drive.

 A lake along the parkway.  I was along the parkway for something like 8 miles.

 A trail with beautiful flowers.

 Close up of flowers.

 Church along the way.  I thought it was beautiful.

Finally a video of some small kids singing.  I thought this was worth sharing.


Rose said...

I love that church and wish you could have taken some shot of the inside.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I am amazed at the beauty of this place.That road just beckons one to see what is ahead.Now for those kids,I think they will go far with their singing.I enjoyed it and was blessed by it.

Ginny said...

Why is the road not packed with cars?? How beautiful, I was going to say you'd never get me away from the lake, but the church and the flowers would do it. The children have wonderful harmony!!

Carletta said...

The trail looks like a place to take a very soothing walk.
Lovely quaint church!

Another friend shared this video last week with me. Amazing voices to be so young.

Anonymous said...

Natchez looks like a beautiful place to visit & explore... Is the church inside the park? I love it when old places like that are preserved... Very nice! =)