Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Can't leave the park with showing you a few examples of the wildlife we saw.
Saw lots of buffaloes.  I think one was irritated with me.  He wanted to cross the road and I was driving along about 15 feet from him and he finally snorted.  I got out of there before he decide to charge the car. :)
Not a good picture but you can see the bald eagle in the tree.
Elk of course.
Osprey on nest.
Another osprey.
Mountain goat keeping guard!
Another elk.
Closeup of elk.
Mama moose with baby!


Ginny said...

I love that goat way up on the mountain top! Is that buffalo molting or something, what are those patches on him?

George said...

These are wonderful wildlife pictures, Neal. The mountain goat is striking a dramatic pose up there on that outcrop. I'm glad the buffalo didn't charge your car.

Anonymous said...

Very cool photos, Neal! I remember seeing a big ole moose when we entered Yellowstone... so beautiful!

Rose said...

What a lot of stuff you saw! I have heard that buffalo can be tempermental.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi There, LOVE the new blog look... I almost used those hearts --but will save them for Valentines... Love your snowy header....

All of the 'critters' are great. BUT I have one question: Does that mean if Patti snorts at you, you will hurry up and leave???????????? ha ha ha ... Scardy Cat... That sweet little buffalo was just saying HELLO in Buffalo language.

Great set of pictures.

Carletta said...

Gorgeous shots!
I'd love to see bison in the wild.
I can't believe how lucky you always get. :)

I have to come back here and see what all I've missed. I'm sure envy is in my future.... ;)