Wednesday, December 8, 2010

More vacation

 Don't remember exactly where this shot was...somewhere in Montana.  Okay, my daughter just corrected me. the falls are Upper Mesa Falls in Targhee National Forest in Idaho.  I'm glad she has a good memory. :)
 My wife and daughter getting ready to go on a rafting trip in Montana.

Raft going down a rough area.


Ginny said...

Oh my gosh what a beautiful rainbow right on the ground!! Betsy saw one like this and posted it a while back, so beautiful. I've never seen one, I guess they have to be above water. I have enough trouble navigating on dry ground to ever go on a raft, sometimes my life feels like a white water rafting trip!

Ruth said...

That first picture is gorgeous.Your wife and daughter must be brave souls.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Now why weren't you on that raft with Patti and Allison??????? Did you make the excuse that you needed to take pictures?????? CHICKEN!!!!! ha ha

Love the pictures --especially that first one... Gorgeous!!!!

Thanks for sharing.

George said...

The rafting trip looks like it would have been fun. I've only been white-water rafting once, but I would enjoy doing it again.
Thanks for that beautiful waterfall.

Anonymous said...

It looks cool, but I'll leave that to them, I'm too scared!
What a beautiful place in the 1st pic - WoW!
Hi Neal's wife & daughter... nice to meet you! =)