Saturday, October 2, 2010

Mississippi River

Rivers have always kind of fascinated me... I don't know why. The pictures below are all on the Mississippi River. I have always loved to sit and watch barges and ships go through locks. Unfortunately, all we could see of these locks was the exit. The power plant in the bottom picture is located beside the locks...couldn't get close enough to get a good picture.

Locks at Keokuk, IA

Pelicans on the Mississippi River

Barge headed down the Mississippi River

Power plant on Mississippi River at Keokuk, IA


Ginny said...

My family grew up on the river. Good pictures, the pelicans are a good catch. I've never seen a whole group of them like that, so I had always thought they were solitary birds.

Carletta said...

Blogger just 'service unavailabled' my comment! AGR!
I love the old locks too. We have a lot here on the Ohio. There is one nearby in ruins on a smaller river. I never saw it in operation growing up but suspect my Grandpa did.
That's a lot of pelicans! I couldn't get the images to enlarge (blogger probably).

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Locks are always interesting, Neil... I also enjoy watching barges go up and down the river... When I lived near Houston, there was a restaurant on the river where we would go to to eat on occasion. We loved sitting by the window and could see the barges go up and down the river... SO much fun!!!!

George said...

I really enjoyed these pictures. I think most people find rivers and locks to be fascinating. I know I do.

Rose said...

I love rivers, too...I wonder if that comes from reading Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn? I have been going to reread them and haven't got around to it yet.