Friday, September 17, 2010

These pictures show the remainder of the Rim Rock trail. This was a beautiful trail. If it had been wet it might have been difficult to get down into the canyon and out of it without getting wet. As you can see from the pictures the way out is where water normally flows.

Shot of the way out

Another shot of the way out.

Water slide

Walking along the cliffs

Rock formation along the Rim Rock trail


George said...

I'm not sure I would want to try that water slide even if there was water! But the canyon is beautiful and I really like the rock formations you showed.
Have a great weekend.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Does the path go UP that Water Slide???? I hope not!!!!! But--I was afraid that you couldn't get down into that canyon if there is alot of water around.... SO--you all got there at a perfect time.

Great pictures ---and we want to check out this area sometime. Love those rock formations --which look like something inside a cave.

Ginny said...

That last picture is amazing. But some of it looks kind of dark, claustrophobic, and scary. Looks like you could be trapped? You, George, and Betsy need to form a club. Ones like me can safely weatch from our couch and ohh and ahh! Hope you have a great weekend!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Stunning scenery.

Carletta said...

Was this a marked trail or did you just make one of your own? :)
I'm thinking in rain season or one with more rainfall there would have been no place to walk in some spots.
I agree with Betsy. You might have picked the best time to go. You would have missed these really neat scenes like the rock formations.