Wednesday, September 29, 2010


While we were in IL visiting our daughter we took a couple drives. She knew where some Mommon things were so we stopped by those. The first two pictures are of a jail in Carthage, IL. This is the jail where Joseph Smith died. The next pictures are of a Mormon Temple in Nauvoo, IL. It is apparently the second temple constructed by the Mormons, the first being in Kirkland, OH. Seems like they always keep all of their stuff in really good shape. We didn't go into the jail because I guess you have to listen to their presentation to view the inside and I wasn't in the mood to sit and listen to it.


Ginny said...

I guess making one listen to their story in order to see the jail is a way for them to try and get converts. The temple is certainly majestic looking!! More temple-like than church-like!! Just a tiny bit mosque looking!

George said...

These are wonderful pictures of the jail and the temple, although the jail looks more like a house than a jail. Interesting.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Great pictures, Neil, and you are right: they do take good care of their facilities... Some of the nicest people I know are Mormon... I have some blog friends from Utah who are Mormon --and you couldn't meet any better people.

I also have some distant cousins who are Mormon ---and they are great also at Genealogy... Wonderful, family-oriented people.

Thanks, Neil.

Carletta said...

Doesn't look like a jail. I have to agree with George that it looks like a cute little house.
The temple doesn't look anything like a place of worship to me but rather a government dwelling.
I love the flower bed against the sky.

Rose said...

I love the big old stones used in the jail...the temple is pretty...almost too pristine.

Denali said...

Great pictures! I've always wanted to visit the church historical sites. The jail was kind of like a home. I think the president and his brother were actually shot in the jailer's room or something. The temple is gorgeous. Can you imagine having to abandon such a beautiful building after all the hard work they put into building it? Great photography!