Saturday, January 11, 2014

Around home

All of these pictures were taken from the top of a hill overlooking my brothers' homes.  I would love to have a  house sitting on top of that hill.  The land sold this past summer and I was hoping they would divide it into lots so I could bid on one but it all sold (for nearly $400,000).
 Lincoln Memorial University in the background.

Lincoln Memorial University


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Beautiful scenes.

Betsy Adams said...

Beautiful area, Neal. Too bad you couldn't get a piece of that land. That is truly an incredibly gorgeous area.

Love your header.

George said...

This would be a great place for a house, but if it were possible to buy lots you might have more neighbors than you would want. (I can think of a couple who would like a house there!).

Rose said...

It has sure changed since we were kids! But still love those views.