Sunday, September 29, 2013

Dreary day

All the pictures below (except the first one which was taken on the Blue Ridge Parkway) were taking on the Balsam Mountain Road in Smoky Mountain National Park.  As you can see it was a dark a dreary day so the pictures are not that great....not nearly as good as being there in person.  Even if the weather wasn't cooperative we still had a good time driving down this road.  I don't think we saw another car while we were driving it.


Betsy Adams said...

We are going to go on that road ---hopefully sometime in early October... We've never done that one YET.

What year/month did you go here?

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

It may have been a dull and dreary day but these pictures are bright and cheery.

George said...

I think your photos are wonderful. As Betsy said, we hope to travel that road sometime this Fall.

Ginny said...

For a dark and dreary day, there's a lot of light, color, and beauty.