Thursday, March 14, 2013

Madison trip

When we go to Madison, IN I always enjoy going down to the Ohio River and seeing if there are any barges going up or down the river. We were on the river one afternoon when I saw this barge going up the river. We sat and watched it until it went out of site. We messed around doing some other stuff for a couple hours and then I told my wife that I think we could see the barge again if we headed up the river to Carrollton, KY (ten miles up the river where we were spending the night).  A little over two hours had passed from the time we saw the barge in Madison until we got to Carrollton. We got there just in time to see him coming up the river(pictures 3 and 4). From that I concluded that the barge was traveling at between 4 and 5 mph. As a side note I got to looking and found that Ingram Barge Company list their barges positions on the web. They only update the positions once a day but it's interesting nevertheless. I used to think the name on the barge was the captain's name but discovered later that it is the name of the barge.


 On the way home we ran into people cutting tobacco. I did this many a time when I was a kid so naturally it I had to stop and take a picture or two.  The had a machine with two people on it to put the sticks between the rows.  When I did it we had to put a bundle of sticks on our shoulder and put then in the rows.


Carletta said...

These could be scenes of the Ohio River here by me. Sometimes when I'm taking pictures they seem like they are going faster!
I haven't seen tobacco growing in some time. You've done a little bit of everything haven't you. :)

Ginny said...

This is a really impressive barge!!!

George said...

I think it is neat that you were able to follow this barge upstream. I could spend hours just watching a river. Don't you wish you had a helpful machine when you were cutting tobacco?

Betsy Adams said...

Hi There, When I lived in Texas, we'd go out to a certain area near us just to sit and watch the barges go by!!! I never got to follow one up river though. That is neat that you saw him again.

Bet you never cut tobacco with a big machine like that. Times have changed, haven't they?????


Rose said...

That looks like a huge field of has been years since I actually seen anyone cut tobacco. But this last trip, I did some that was already cut.