Saturday, March 30, 2013

Kingdom Come State Park

All of the pictures below are from Kingdom Come State Park near Cumberland, KY. Betsy said she had never been there yet it is only 25 miles from where she grew up.  Do you think it's possible she's just getting forgetful? :)


Betsy Adams said...

You stinker!!!! Me--forgetful?????? Never!!!!

I may have grown up in Big Stone Gap, Virginia--but I truly have never heard of that state park nor have I heard of Cumberland, KY either... The only KY town I remember north of us was Jenkins.... Is it near there???? We never went up into KY much back then I guess... Sorry!!!

Betsy Adams said...

I looked it up on the map --and I truly have never been there or heard of it... I do know Hazard, KY and Harlan, KY---but not sure I ever went to either place..

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Beautiful scenes. I think Betsy and George will have to plan another trip,soon. :)

Ginny said...

Wow, a hidden treasure! What are the beautiful bare trees?

diane b said...

Lovely vistas.

Rose said...

I wonder if it is name Kingdom Come because of John Fox, Jr's book The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come?