Sunday, February 19, 2012

Colorado at Christmas

More pictures from Colorado.
I think it would be difficult to drive by this church and not notice it. :)

I think this is kind of a neat picture.  I've always liked pictures with railroads in them.
Of course any picture with a split rail fence is a good picture. :) 

Time to eat!!! :)


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Lovely scenes. Yes,that church should never be missed.I have to wonder just wherer the people come from to attend here.Looks pretty desolate in the area.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Great pictures from Colorado, Neal... That 'yeller' church is one to be noticed, isn't it?????? ha

Have a good day.. Rain here --and supposed to turn to snow. Who knows????

Ginny said...

Your header is beautiful! And I love the little yellow church!!! Do you know what kind of church it was? Now I think all little churches should be yellow, they are shining their light!!!