Saturday, September 10, 2011

 The picture above is another Maroon Bells picture....I just thought this mountain was pretty.

All the pictures below are from Rifle Falls near Rifle, CO.  While we were there we walked up under the falls.  There were some caves (small ones) that you could go back in.  We knew that before we went so we had a flashlight.  My wife and I were back in a little room looking at the formations when I heard a couple girls coming.  I told my wife to be quiet and we just stood in there with the flashlight off.  The girls wandered around a little and then one walked in (no flashlight).  I said "Boooo" in a normal tone of voice and she screamed. :)  She thought for sure something had her. :)


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

The falls are gorgeous.That would be scary to hear someone,when you think you are alone.

Ginny said...

I've never seen three falls side by side like that, it really is stunning! I think you are quite the practical joker!

Rose said...


Carletta said...

Love the falls!
Note to self: don't go anywhere in the dark where Neal might be. LOL!
You're so bad. :)