Monday, September 5, 2011


The first picture is Dillion Lake....just off of I-70 near the west entrance to Eisenhower Tunnel.

The lake below is between Copper Mountain and Climax, CO.  I cannot remember the name for sure but think it was call the Clinton Gulch or something like that.

An old mine just outside Leadville, CO on the road to Mosquito Pass.

Flowers along the same road.

Church in Leadville.


George said...

These are marvelous pictures, Neal. I really like the sky in the first two. I'm sorry we didn't get near Leadville on our trip.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Neal, Glad you are back. Have missed you!!!!

Great set of photos.. That last one of the church, steeple and sky is awesome. Love the wildflowers also.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

gorgeous pictures. I am amused by the unique names.Love the flower shots.

Ginny said...

Lovely pictures! Is it Leadville because they mine lead there??

Carletta said...

The sky in the first is amazing!
It looks like you can miles and miles with no one but nature for company. Beautiful!

Rose said...

Neal, I LOVEEEEE that first the others to, but that first is just fantastic.