Saturday, May 14, 2011


Here are some more pictures from Tennessee/Kentucky. These were taken from the Pinnacle in Cumberland Gap National Historical Park. Middlesboro, KY is actually under the fog which is pouring through the Cumberland Gap.  The next to last picture shows Middlesboro. The last picture is mostly TN.  You can't actually see the homes where my brothers live but with binoculars you can see the railroad just a little ways from their houses.


Ginny said...

I LOVE that fog!! It is behaving just like water, and the video really shows that even more.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Great pictures, Neal, and reminds me of our days there... That first one reminds me also of a picture we took of the fog when we were at Pine Mtn. State Park.

Great pictures... Wonder if Rose got up to the Pinnacle when she was there?


Carletta said...

That first one would make a great opening shot for a Stephen King movie as the voiceover says 'the fog covered up the town, what else was it covering up.'

And yes, you can visit and sit on my front porch and watch the sunrise. Although we have a cold front at the moment so you'll need a sweater. :)

Sartenada said...

Great photos. All were very interesting, but most of all I love the second last photo. I find the general view awesome.