Thursday, May 26, 2011

More Costa Rica

More Costa Rica pictures...

Now that is what I call a bug! :)

Sure is a peaceful setting.


George said...

That bug looks almost as big as some of the 'Bugs' we see on the road. The seascape is absolutely gorgeous.

Ginny said...

Loving this post!!! All God's creatures great and small!! I adore the cute little crab, the bug is horrid, and I guess that eye on the butterfly is to scare away predators? You have taken me though a spectrum of emotions in thirty seconds!

Carletta said...

She sure loves nature doesn't she!
Looks like a beautiful place to study it all. She'll have a wonderful career.
Not sure if your headers are rotating but I love this one I see with the stone path and flowers - beautiful!

Sartenada said...

OMG, what photos. They are really awesome.

I have always wanted to go to Costa Rica, but maybe in the future.

Guess what, My inspiration to photograph started by a letter from a guy from Costa Rica who was interested about our churches. This happened in about 2004. So we started to change photos. That lasted about two years.

I wait with eager to see Your photos from Costa Rica.