Friday, March 25, 2011

Great start

I forgot (sorry George and Betsy) to mention in the last blog that we got our trip off to a great start by meeting our friends George and Betsy for dinner.  They were gracious enough to  drive probably 85-90 miles to meet us for dinner.  We sure enjoyed seeing them again.... I just made Betsy promise that she wouldn't eat any soup for dinner (if you don't know the story you need to get Betsy to tell it again :) ).

We ran upon this barn driving down the parkway. It was a tobacco barn and it sure brought back memories from when I was growing up.  We raised tobacco as our only source of income so I was used to climbing around all over barns to get the tobacco in.

Here is some tobacco after it has been cut and put in the barn to cure. As you can see it is on a stick and is hung between two poles. Most barns had 2-3 layers of poles. By that, I mean that there would be another set above these poles and possibly another set above those.  It took a few people to get the tobacco into the barn.  You would have a person on the wagon, that had been loaded out in the field, and that person would pass it to a person on the ground.  The person on the ground would pass it to a person straddling the first set of poles (where the tobacco in the picture above is hung).  That person would hand it to a person straddling the second set of poles and he would hang in on the 3rd set of poles.  Of course there were variations of how this worked depending on the layout of the barn and how many sets of poles there were.

Another waterfall along the way.

Daffodils coming to life.


Ginny said...

What a great surprise to see our friends!!! Their smiles just light up a room!!! Love these waterfalls, the angles are so different from the usual picture. Interesting tobacco info, I didn't know it.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Wonderful set of pictures.The Daffodils growing 'wild' look lovely.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh My Goodness----Glad I didn't get any soup, especially that Pumpkin soup... That stuff would have been all over all of us!!!!! ha ha

Thanks for meeting us for dinner. We loved it --and getting to meet Allison was very special. She has turned out pretty darn good --considering who her Daddy is.... HAR HAR

Is that Fall Hallow Falls??? I think it is --although our pictures were mostly all taken from the bottom looking up...

Great barn picture. I'm always fascinated by old barns. Your sis will love that one too.

Carletta said...

Ah, Betsy and George! I'm envious I wasn't close enough for dinner. :)
LOVE that waterfall! What magical surroundings.
I see you had to post more daffodils than me. LOL! They made for a lovely spring photo.

George said...

You got a great picture of the waterfall, and I like your memories of picking and curing tobacco. I'm not sure about the old guy in your first picture, however.

Rose said...

Just think how we would feel to see our kids climbing all over the barn the way we did....sometimes I cannot believe we did not get hurt.