Wednesday, February 9, 2011

End of Denali

These are the last few pictures taken as we were leaving Denali. We went as far as you can go via vehicle into the park and that was to Wonder Lake.  There are some mighty nice picture of the Wonder Lake area located here.  They didn't give us much time to wander around so I don't know how anyone had time to get some of these pictures.

 The road just traveled.  This is the road that we just traveled...thought it was kind of pretty in a way.

Not a good picture but you can at least see the sheep on the mountain side.


Ginny said...

The second and third are my favorite pictures. Did you go on that road? Excuse me while I go and throw up...

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Talk about a small world. I just read Ginny's blog where she talks about WONDER.... Then I come to yours and see Wonder Lake. How neat is that!!!!!

Beautiful pictures, Neal, and a great drive.

George said...

That first picture is just wonderful, although I like the one of the clouds in that blue sky as well. I really would like to visit Denali some day.

Cinthia said...

No good? I like the place & shots..

Carletta said...

I so want to be on that road!
I know you probably refrained from keeping other tourists out of your photos but I have to wonder just how busy it was. It looks like you are the last guy on earth. :)
Wonderful shots as always.