Saturday, February 26, 2011

Along the coast

 Look at the beautiful flowers along the road.  Aren't they gorgeous?

 Look at all the birds.  Can't recall what they were..

 Isn't the church beautiful?

 I thought the top was gorgeous.

This is Clam Gulch.  When the tide is down people come here and go out where the water had covered during high tide and dig clams.  We've never been there when many people were doing it.


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

The flowers are pretty,but it is the mountain scenes that hold my attention.I guess it has been too long since I have seen mountains. :)

Ginny said...

Clam Gultch looks like a modernistic sculpture, and the church is beautiful, I love the colors. A Russian church! I should have known, it is kind of plain for them considering their fabulous churches. We have a Russian Basptist not too far away, but it looks nothing like this.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Fantastic, Neal... Wow--that is a huge bunch of birds, isn't it???? Love that church also...

As usual, those are beautiful pictures.

Have a blessed Sunday.

Rose said...

I love that church...and love that last view.

George said...

The mountains are absolutely spectacular, but I like the church as well.

Anonymous said...

Those mountains are so so so very beautiful! =)

Carletta said...

Always such lovely colors of blue.
I really like the church and the picture of just the top against the sky is really pretty.
The next to the last shot is beautiful!