Friday, January 7, 2011

Vacation 2008

These pictures are from our first Alaskan cruise.  On that cruise we went from Vancouver, BC to Whitter, AK.
Remember a little while back I showed you some pictures of the Grand Teton mountains?  This is a picture of them from the air.

A different angle of the Tetons.

I don't know where this was but thought it was pretty and rugged.

This is a bridge close to where our cruise left Vancouver.


Ginny said...

The checkerboard picture, it almost looks like farmland of some kind...beautiful shots! I hope there's more coming!

George said...

I've never had much success taking photos from planes. Your pictures of the mountains are fabulous. I look forward to seeing more pictures from this vacation.

Anonymous said...

Boy oh boy oh boy! I sure wish I could experience that in person!!! =)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Beautiful, Neal.... George won't get any pictures from the airplane since I always want the window seat.... ha ha ha...

Our cruise ends at Vancouver.

Have a great weekend.

Carletta said...

Majestic mountains even from the air!
I guess I should get ready for you to make me very envious again! :)