Friday, January 28, 2011

Around Sitka

 Marina at Sitka.

 Little island out in the bay.

 Can see the cruise ship out in the harbor.

 How would you like to live in this house? :)

 Little church in Sitka.

 This and the following pictures are from the inside of the church.  They aren't great pictures by any means (too dark) but you can see how beautiful it was.


Ginny said...

I love the church stained glass windows! And I would definately not like to live in the little house!! Surely no one actually lives there?? It is cute, though. Love the colorful boats!

George said...

The area around Sitka is beautiful. An advantage of living in that house out in the bay is that you wouldn't have noisy neighbors. The windows of that church are beautiful.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

WOW---gorgeous little church, Neal.... I'd love to see that one. Would it be super to get married in a little church like that???? Beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous windows & I think the view is absolutely gorgeous from where that house sits, but I'm not sure about actually living there... that close to the water! YiKeS! =)

Rose said...

Neal, I thought I left a comment, then went to leave one at another post and had to sign will say again that I love the stained glass windows of this church...I like the church itself also.

If the other comment did come through, delete one....

Carletta said...

Everybody else has to step aside - the little house is mine! :)
The little island would be cool to explore as well.
I think the pic of the stained glass window with the cross would make an excellent Easter card.