Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Almost a perfect reflection...this is three pictures stitched together.
Different angle of the lake shown in a previous blog. This is also 3-4 pictures stitched together.
Now that is/was a tree.
Had my daughter stand in it to give a perspective of how big it is.
No Betsy, this does NOT qualify as a waterfall.


Ruth said...

WOW<that is some tree.Great job of stitching the pictures together.

George said...

I agree with Ruth -- you did a great job of stitching photos together.
Wouldn't that last photo qualify as a cascade?

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Ha Ha Ha---you mean all of those rocky creeks can't count as waterfalls??????? It's water isn't it????? It's falling isn't it??????? Come on Scrooge, let's count that one as a CASCADE..... Okay????

I hate to say this for fear that you may get the 'big head' ---but you are doing a fabulous job stitching pictures together... (Now--work on stitchin' your brain together!!!!! Har Har Har)

Hugs to Patti--since I feel so sorry for her.

Carletta said...

I too agree - nice work on the panaromas!
Lovely reflections.
Amazing how long that tree has been standing. Really makes you stop and think.