Friday, December 17, 2010 5

Below...You've seen this waterfall before but from below it. I think this is a better view.
Below is a picture of half dome.  If you go here you can see a satellite view. Don't know how familiar you are with Google maps but once you get to the maps site go to the top, select More, and check the Photos box. That will show thumbnails so zoom in a little closer and click on one of the thumbnails on half dome.  That will open a small picture. Now double click on the small picture and that will bring up a larger view plus a lot of thumbnails in the upper left corner so you can look at pictures taken from half dome.  I would love to hike up there but it's a long trip and a rough trip.  If you click here (I hope the link works :) ) you can see some of what you have to go through to get there. Click here to see a current picture from a webcam.  If you want to see a really good video about hiking to half dome go here, scroll down to the "Hiking Half Dome" section and watch the is excellent.

How did that tree grow there.  Nature amazes me sometimes.
Below is the dome of rock from which all the above pictures were taken.


Ginny said...

Well, I was going to ask you where you were to get these views, I knew you were up high somewhere, so I'm glad you showed us in the last picture. Yes, your link worked. But my favorite is that tree growing out of rock.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi there, I had no idea that Yosemite was so huge... I have never seen such beautiful pictures from there. I agree---that is a better picture of the waterfall from where you were in this picture....

Interesting info on half dome.... Loved reading all of that.

Have a great day.
Hugs to you and Patti

George said...

These pictures are absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for all your fascinating links as well. I had not heard of Half Dome before this post.

Ruth said...

That is tugged,yet beautiful scenery.
If you ever get to cli,b that mountain,I hope you get lots of pictures for those of us who will not make that climb.