Sunday, December 12, 2010 2

These pictures are from our second day in Yosemite.  I kept showing pictures of Alaska until I got George and Betsy to go next project is to get them to go west. :)  I show pictures in Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, etc in the last several blogs and now it's on to farther west.  When they see what they're missing they'll be planning a trip in the near future. :)
Just a peaceful setting we ran upon while driving in the park.
A little different angle to get the waterfall in it.
Don't need to say anything here..just a beautiful waterfall.
Another peaceful (at least to me) setting along the way.
Same waterfall as above...different angle.
Another angle.
 Betsy, I know you and George want to go see this so start planning. :)
This is the bottom waterfall seen in the previous picture.


Ginny said...

Aside from the waterfall pictures, my favorite is the second picture. I think Betsy is packing as I type, I hope she waits for George, And Betsy, don't forget the I-Pad!!

Ruth said...

Not only are BEtsy and George wanting to go here,so do I.WOW,the scenery is spectacular.I have seen lots of images from Yosemite,but these are by far the best.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

OH MY GOSH..... That huge waterfall (or water coming over the rocks as my friend Neal says) is AWESOME.... I am packing my bags as we speak!!!!!

What beauty... God's world is just so amazing, isn't it? You two are lucky to have traveled as much as you have. Hopefully, we WILL get out west SOON.

George said...

So now I have to worry about Betsy disappearing while I'm out working in the yard! The good news for me is that she can't get the suitcases down without my help. I sure would like to go out there, so keep posting these beautiful pictures.

Carletta said...

You are enticing us all!
I'd like to be on top looking down just to see where all that water is coming from. :)
Beautiful pictures Neal!

Anonymous said...

True beauty there... WoW! =)