Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sequoia and Kings Canyon

 Now we are in Sequoia National Park where the huge Sequoia trees grow. They are huge.  If I'm not mistaken one of the sequoia trees in this park is the largest living thing on earth. If I recall correctly, the bark is about a foot thick. You could see signs of previous fires every where.  What kind of surprised me is how small the top was compared to how big the bottom was.
 Had my daughter to stand in it for point of reference.
Another huge sequoia.  There was one you could back your car out on.  The log had been flatten on one side so there was plenty of room for a car.


Ruth said...

Those are massive trees.It amazes me too think how long they have been alive.

Ginny said...

These pictures are truly amazing! I couldn't imagine bark a foot thick till I saw your daughter for perspective!

bettyl said...

Those are some amazing shots. It's so hard to imagine how big the redwoods are without somebody in the shot to show proportion!

Tricia said...
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Tricia said...

Huge... that's the only word I can think of... HUGE! Those are truly trees for GIANTS!