Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Old Faithful

More pictures from the land of OZ :)
The hole above had water boiling up in it with steam coming out.

There she blows....Old Faithful that is. We had to sit for about 45 minutes to see Old Faithful go off.  Now you can watch it here on a live webcam.  Of course it's better in person.
I thought this was an old picture with all the pot holes, steam coming out of the ground and the lake in the background.


Ginny said...

What stunning pictures! The one looks like a orange waterfall! How often does it go off?

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow Neal----Glad you all were patient ---waiting for Old Faithful to show off for you.... Great pictures.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you... Hope you have a great day/week.. After tomorrow, I'm taking some time off from blogging.

God Bless You.

Tricia said...

That last shot w/ the lake in the background is GORGEOUS! I love Yellowstone, it sooo reminds me of my grand-parents... that reminds me also, that I'm thankful for having had known them - some kids don't get to know theirs, but I did & I THANK GOD for that!!!

Sorry, I got a lil sentimental there, I just really miss them!
The land of Oz, it really is, isn't it! Very strange looking

Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family & GOD BLESS!!!

George said...

Thanks for sharing Old Faithful with us -- I'm only sorry you had to wait around so long before she made her appearance.
Your last photo is really beautiful. Very well done!

Rose said...

I LOVE that third one!

instant guide 2 uganda said...

hello Neal,

your photographs are really an insight of the beauty and scenary your country has..would love to tour all these places...

keep on, great work

Andrew Elvis
kind regards