Monday, October 4, 2010


These pictures (except for the last one) were taken at Brown County state park near Nashville, IN. I'm not a fan of winter and snow but I do think snow pictures can be beautiful.  The last picture is  not mine.  I put it up for Betsy and George who recently visited Hensley Settlement and the last picture is a picture of it.

 Small creek at Brown County state park.

Picnic area in park


George said...

These pictures are just wonderful. It's been years since I've been to Brown County, but I remember how beautiful it is.
Thanks for the winter picture of Hensley Settlement. It's simply gorgeous!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

SNOW????? Oh Wow---i LOVE seeing snow.... We had a frost advisory out for us last night --but it was 40 when we got up... SO--no frost here yet.

Thanks for showing us that last photo... Wouldn't it be neat to be up there in winter??? Of course, once I was up there, I'd have to stay ALL winter..... Wow--what a thought...

Thanks for the snow pictures... Makes me yearn for winter now... BUT--I have a feeling that 'we' are going to have a mild winter this year... But--who knows!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful country scenes, for sure!

If you like photographing old barns, come join my new meme this evening & post your pic - I'm starting one called 'Old Barns' & would love for you to join!

Ginny said...

Beautiful snow pictures in the country. That one looks like a lake that is icing over!

Rose said...

Neal, these are all fabulous...I sure do like the one of Hensley settlement...who took it?

Carletta said...

I have you to know I just went back and looked at the previous fall pics because I really that one so well and I'm waiting patiently waiting for fall colors.
Now, here you go showing me snow and you know how much I love snow.
OH, which do I choose! :)
Thanks for previewing me a little of both.