Monday, October 25, 2010

A fine time with friends.

I don't know where to start about our recent trip. We met the nicest couple of people anyone would ever want to meet...Betsy and George. Betsy, George, and I have been talking to each other on the computer for quiet some time. My wife has heard me talk about them a lot but has never corresponded with them. When Betsy first invited us to join them in Maggie Valley, NC I mentioned it to my wife but didn't think a lot more about it. However, a couple days later I told my wife we really should consider meeting them down there since we were planning on driving the Cherohala Highway this year. About a day later we were making reservations at the same motel Betsy and George were in. To put it bluntly, we had a great time with them. They are easy to get along with (of course George and I kept Betsy in line :) ) and it appears we have a lot in common. When we got home my wife made the comment about feeling like she had known them all her life even though she had never corresponded with either of them. I had a couple people tell me I was crazy going to meet someone that I had never met. I made the comment that I know them, I just haven't met them and I wasn't disappointed. It is so much fun to pick on Betsy. Of course, she gives it right back and that makes it even more fun.

The scenery pictures below are from the Smoky Moutains. Some of the leaves were beautiful.
 Betsy and George at the elk reserve.


Ginny said...

We had the pleasure of meeting George and Betsy a few months ago. Just like you, we had been blogging buddies, but never met. We all felt like kindred spirits from the first looks! Meeting them is like you have always known them, they sre so full of joy, humor, and friendliness, like a breath of fresh air. They both really grab all the joy they can from the moment. Your fall pictures are beautiful, and I know your trip was, too!

George said...

I can't thank you enough for helping me keep Betsy in line! We enjoyed our time with you and Patti so much. It really did seem as if we've all known each other for years.
It was a great trip and your photos are wonderful (with the possible exception of the guy in the first picture!).

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Ha Ha ha..... SO you two guys just THINK you can keep an old Virginia mountain girl in line!!!!!!! Just keep thinking that.... It will never happen.... Har Har Har

Seriously, we had a marvelous time with you two--and are ready to do another trip anytime... Just let us know!!!!!

Your pictures are fabulous --as usual!!!!
Hugs to you and Patti,

Carletta said...

Hey Neal,
I just stopped by Betsy's blog and George's and 'saw' you! :)
I knew she would post about your trip and she mentioned George had. I had to come see if you did as well.
It sounds like all of you had a super wonderful time. Lots of smiles and gorgeous scenery.
I can tell from 'listening' to all of you that the trip was a huge success.

Carletta said...
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Anonymous said...

I have been reading George's blog a few years too. You got some really nice pictures of the golden leaves and of George and Betsy. It sounds like you had a great time.