Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall Colors

We went on a drive Monday south of here and even though it's been really dry here the leaves were beautiful is some areas. The pictures below are example of the way things looked.


George said...

You found some great fall colors on your drive. We're not quite that far along down here. The dry weather has given us a lot of brown leaves.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Gorgeous Neal.... I hope we see gorgeous colors in NC next week.... Right now, they are saying Rain on Wed. and Thurs..... Darn--it hasn't rained here in forever ---so what happens???? It decides to rain during our vacation.... Doggone it!!!! (Maybe we'll be lucky and have no rain!!!)

Ginny said...

Beautiful pictures! I love country paths, so the first is my favorite. Did you go on it? And if so, what was at the end?

Carletta said...

Hi Neal,
I want to go down that road! :)
Lovely fall scenes.
I was catching up on your last posts. Neighbors on the Little Big Horn are far apart. I'm wondering how close they were to anything else.

Anonymous said...

I'm planning a country drive this weekend, myself - can't wait to see all the fall colors here!