Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fogged in

Recently I went to TN to visit my brothers and for a reunion at our old 4 room elementary school. I got out one morning to go get something to eat at Middlesboro, KY and when I went into the tunnel on the TN side it was bright and beautiful but when I came out of the tunnel on the KY side it was foggy so I decided to go to the Pinnacle (an overlook in Cumberland Gap National Historical Park). When I got up there I was above all the fog and so I took the pictures below.

Middlesboro, KY is under that fog
Slightly different shot.
Tennessee side of mountain...see road going mountain at bottom of picture.
Tennessee and probably some of Virginia.  Road going away from you is US-25E
Mostly Virginia
Fog pouring through the actual gap (Cumberland Gap that is)


Anonymous said...

Ok, that's awesome!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Those are some amazing scenes.Fog has a beauty all it's own.

George said...

Neal, these pictures are absolutely gorgeous. Cumberland Gap is one of the places I hope to visit in the not too distant future. I can only hope to get pictures half as magnificent as these.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow Neal.... These pictures are awesome... I love seeing pictures ABOVE the fog like that... It's gorgeous there... I hope we get to that area soon. We're talking about it.

Is the old school still there???? Did you see other friends who used to go to that school???? That would be so neat.

Ginny said...

Yikes, it's like a river of fog!! We live in the Blue Ridge mountains, and it's amazing how fast the fog comes in and settles, one place will be fogged in, and beside that it will be clear. I've taken some fog pictures, including me driving through a cloud, but nothing like this, it is amazing! Hope I've got the right blog this time, shall we start over?

Carletta said...

These shots look like a basis for a Stephen King movie. :)