Friday, August 20, 2010

Skagway to Carcross (Part 2)

As you can see from the first picture below we are just crossing into Canada. When we got to the Canadian customs station a guy came out and ask the normal questions and then saw I had a GPS and chuckled and said "There only one road, you can't get lost". I said "I know but I have some waterfalls marked on it and wanted to make sure I don't miss them." He's right, there is only one road for most of the drive and you can't get lost. These are just pictures along the way. When we are on a drive like this we stop at about every pullover place. It's kind of amazing how just a few hundred feet can make a difference in how a place looks.
Crossing into Canada
This is of of the two bears we saw on the drive.  Both were eating dandelion blooms.
I believe this was called Tormented Valley.
Have to throw in a waterfall for George &  Betsy! :) A very small one but a waterfall nonetheless.


George said...

These pictures are absolutely magnificent. I can't get over how majestic the scenery is. I don't know how you could leave one pullout to go to the next. Thanks for the waterfall.

Anonymous said...

Lions & Tigers & BEARS, oh my! I wanna see a bear in the wild - How cool!!!
Betsy will certainly appreciate the waterfall - big or small, it won't matter! LoL!

Great shots, Neal

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow---what a marvelous area... I've heard of the Yukon ---but haven't ever seen too many pictures of it... WOW--majestic is the right word... I would want to stay there forever.

Thanks for the waterfall... It was gorgeous as it flowed down that mountain... WOW!!!!

Hope you have a great weekend.

Carletta said...

Looks desolute but gorgeous!
First a whale, now a bear - definitely the wilds!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

It is hard to absorb all the beauty in these pictures.Thanks for sharing them.

Rose said...

I really don't think I would want to come home if I ever went there....