Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Leaving Juneau

We've had a wonderful day and now it is time to leave Juneau. The weather had been cooperative and we had seen some beautiful scenery so there was a certain amount of sadness as we left. We had our dinner scheduled for 6:00 PM every day so on a typical day we would eat dinner and then grab our cameras and head up to the deck where we could see and stay there until it was dark and then go back and eat some more. :) On our first cruise we got a balcony room but we found out we didn't use the balcony a lot because we wanted to be able to see both sides of the ship and also forward and backward more than you could see from the balcony. This time we just got an ocean-view room which worked out fine with us.
Two other cruise ships getting ready to leave Juneau
Leaving Juneau...around 9:45 PM
Another shot while leaving Juneau.
The ship we were on after it docked in Skagway
Marina in Skagway
Just happened to notice this window with a reflection of a ship in it.  Thought it was worth taking a shot of it.


George said...

These are beautiful pictures, Neal. I like the reflection of the ship, but your sunset pictures (leaving Juneau) are absolutely gorgeous.

Tricia said...

I've never seen cruise ships in person, only in pics, so the size of them always amazes me!
Just check out the shiny reflection in the water in that 1st shot - very cool shot!
With the mountains & crisp clean air there, I doubt anyone would be able to drag me away once I got there!!! I imagine it was pretty sad having to leave

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh-Oh-Oh those gorgeous sunset pictures!!!! I probably told you that when we got home from our cruise (2001) --we had so many sunrise and sunset pictures that it was hard to tell them apart... Luckily we had the date and time on them.... ha

You are the first person to ever say NOT to get a balcony room--but I can understand why.. The only thing I would enjoy the balcony for would be the privacy (which I have to have).

Did your ship have that fancy formal night??? We didn't participate in that at all --and wouldn't again. We also didn't enjoy eating dinner with alot of strangers. We always ate in one of the other restaurants where we could eat alone. Of course, we were newlyweds then.... ha

Great pictures.

Rose said...

Those sunset photos really are wonderful...just so beautiful.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Gorgeous pictures.I like the reflection one too.

Carletta said...

The sunset shots are gorgeous but I also love the sun shining on the other cruise ships.
So many beautiful shots Neal!