Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Icy Strait Point

Our next stop after Skagway was Icy Strait Point (Located down the road from Alaska's largest Tlingit village in Hoonah, AK). This is a relatively new stopping point for cruise ships and the only place we stopped where we had to be tendered ashore. They don't allow more than one cruise ship in at a time. As we were leaving there was another ship just getting ready to send people ashore. As you can see the buildings are kind of run down and look old. While we were there we went into the ONLY grocery in town just to look around. Something that we might pay $1.50 for at grocery stores around here cost $3.50-$4.00 there....whew...couldn't afford to be overweight. :)
Coming into Icy Strait Point
Dock where we got off the small boats that took us ashore.
Looking out at the ocean as we were walking into town.
Zip line...How would you like to ride that?
Look at the statistics for this thing.
Walking into Hoonah
Buildings in Hoonah
Marina in Hoonah
Looking out at the ship we were on.


George said...

Did you try out the zipline? Icy Strait Point looks remote, but the scenery is absolutely magnificent. I love all those snow-capped mountains.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

I'd love to do that Zipline---but would probably chicken out if I were closer to it!!!!! ha

Looks like a really remote place ---but the scenery around there is marvelous... Do those people stay there in the dead of winter???? I'm sure they do... Gads!!!!

What cruise line/ship were you all on? Do you have a preference when it comes to choosing one??? I'd probably go for the best rates and itinerary...

Thanks for sharing, Neal.

Rose said...

Were you tempted to ride the zip line? I would probably die of a heart attack now, but would have loved it as a kid.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Beautiful scenery,but not a place I would choose to live.As for the Zip LIne,that I leave for others.

Carletta said...

The town looks worn and tired but the marina is full. :)
In my college days I would have loved to try the zip line - not now, not in a hundred years!

Rose said...

Neal, I just came to see if you had posted anything new...having just this one post on the opening page really helped in viewing it.

BTW, I did the speed test, and I was up clost to what I am supposed to get.