Saturday, July 31, 2010

More day 4

The above picture shows the Homer spit out in the ocean. You can drive all the way to the end. There's a restaurant at the end called Land's End. We ate halibut at that reataurant on one of our trips. The first picture is a satellite view so it gives you a good idea of what you're look at in the second picture.

I always like to look at all the boats in the docks in the places that we visit that have docks and Homer is no exception. I always think all the boats lined up is kind of pretty. It was sprinkling while we were there so we couldn't get out and take the pictures we wanted so I took some out the car window.

When we visit Homer it always reminds me of one time when we were there and we went into a store that sold souvenirs. There was a little house there labeled "Alaskan Outhouse" and it had a sign that says "Open door to see inside" so Patti couldn't resist opening the door. When she does, the house just explodes and pieces go flying to the floor. She jumps back thinking she's destroyed it but it was suppose to do that. I guess they got a lot of people with that little trick. :)


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Beautiful, Neal.... My son (when he worked in Alaska) went to the Homer Spit, caught a boat and went hiking up some mountains across the water... He got some great photos of that experience...

That is a beautiful place... I would have been like Patti... I would have opened that door also!!!! How funny!!!

Hope you are having a good weekend.

Carletta said...

I'm Baaack - did you miss me? :)
Came to check on you. Hmmm...exploding outhouse - that's pretty funny.

George said...

Thanks for the satellite view of the point to give us a perspective of the general area. I agree that the boats at the docks are beautiful. If we ever get to Homer I'll have to remember about the "Alaskan Outhouse"!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Neal, I haven't visited your page in quite some time!
My goodness, that 'Alaskan Outhouse' explosion would scare the bejeezus outa me, but these pics sure are beauties - You've been traveling a lot!
Alaska is one place I'd love to visit, possibly live because it's so beautiful, but not because it's sooo cold! LoL!
Thanks for stopping by

dot said...

That was funny! I can imagine what a shock it was.

Rose said...

That is one busy marina!

I would probably have did just like Patti!